Oxford Divots Beat Cambridge Stymies at Hunstanton

The 2016 Divots and Stymies Varsity Match

Hunstanton Golf Club

15 March 2015

The Cambridge University Stymies took on Oxford University Divots at Hunstanton Golf Club with a line-up that only included one survivor from the 2015 Varsity Match, captain Adam Parkins. The Stymies coped well with the challenging windy and cold conditions early on with foursomes pairings Parkins & Slim and Tymins & Groat recording comfortable wins, however Oxford pairings Scott & Gibbs and Calvert & Wilmore dug deep to defeat Farquhar & Shah and Bajaj and McLean respectively. The Stymies halved the final match in style with a putt from off of the 18th green to win the final hole. The afternoon singles also started well for the Stymies who won the first two of their three matches however a strong run of four wins in a row for Oxford thereafter left the Stymies needing to win the last three games to halve the match. The third and second from last match both won, however Oxford’s Harland holed out confidently on the 17th hole to take an unassailable lead and finally won the final match one-up. The Stymies went down 8½ – 6½ to a strong Divots side.








4&3 Adam Parkins 1 0 Raphael Heuwiesser
Chris Slim Luke Harland
5&4 Austin Tymins 1 0 Hamish Tester
Cameron Groat Karen Bali
Derek Farquhar 0 1 Terry Scott 3&2
Miraj Shah Tom GIbbs
Pranjal Bajaj 0 1 Jack Calvert 2&1
Iain McLean Paul Wilmore
Robert Relph ½ ½ Rafa Baptista
Yohei Kiguchi Ryan Ammar
Foursomes 2 ½ 2 ½  
Adam Parkins 0 1 Terry Scott 5&4
2&1 Austin Tymins 1 0 Jack Calvert
4&3 Pranjal Bajaj 1 0 Paul Wilmore
Cameron Groat 0 1 Hamish Tester 2&1
Yohei Kiguchi 0 1 Rafa Baptista 3&2
Iain McLean 0 1 Raphael Heuweisser 2&1
Robert Relph 0 1 Tom Gibbs 4&3
5&4 Derek Farquhar 1 0 Ryan Ammar
1 up Miraj Shah 1 0 Karen Bali
Chris Slim 0 1 Luke Harland 1 up
Singles   4 6  
Match   6 ½ 8 ½